¡Adret Fest🍋 has seen its first two concerts!

SUNDAY, JULY 5: Tànit Navarro (Catalunya) and Nihan Devecioglu (Turkey), are two singers of long trajectory in the world of song and artistic expression. In this vocal duet, they join their musical paths to offer us a trip through songs and history of various cultures (Sephardic, Turkish, Arab, Galician, Catalan…) and original compositions linked to sonoric scenery created from instant listening and the space that makes each concert be unique and unrepeatable.

The naked voice is the center of the concert, weaved from sensations and emotions. A journey of connection with the deepness of the soul and with the music that emanates from it.

SUNDAY, JULY 12:  Olec Mün transported us to the times of his ancestors in an emotional journey of exile and return between Europe and America.
Olec Mün is the grandson of four refugees of WWII.
80 years after the exile of his grandparents, he decided to return to Europe and heal the inherited wounds.
For that purpose, he composed a piano melody he calls «Reconcilliation”

Thank you Tánit, Nihan and Olec for unforgettable nights of music, voice, emotion and tradition.✨

¡See you next time!

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