CARTIS BRAJÁ DAY is an initiative born in Barcelona and led by @andrefremd and @YaelKemelmajer.

After being highlighted in the PRI2 project contest, it was launched this very particular Rosh Hashanah. Through art, 424 children from 8 countries exchanged cartisim brajá with other children from around the world. It was a beautiful experience that showed once again that “we are not alone, just scattered”!”®

CARTÍS BRAJÁ DAY is one of the projects that are part of the INCUBATOR of regional projects of LAZOS, a space created to potentiate, accelerate the growth and accompany the development and implementation of innovative projects. 

We all know that the most difficult thing is not having the idea but to materialize it so we congratulate its leaders and the team for giving its first step into an initiative that has no roof. !!!

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