1st Media Training by Fuente Latina

1st Media Training by Fuente Latina


Fuente Latina (FL) is an NGO that provides the Spanish-speaking global media and influencers with the precise coverage of current affairs in Israel and the Middle East.
Through the production and dissemination of material, the approach of professionals to the field and the training of people to address the issue, Fuente Latina informs, trains, addresses stereotypes and contributes to increase positive perceptions.
Fuente Latina, as experts in public and media exposure, will launch for the first time a “Media-Training” for Latin America.

If you are interested in participating and training to address these issues when necessary, complete this form before 24/3.

* LAZOS launches the 1st free Media Training. It will last three virtual meetings of 2 hours each. Starting on April 9.

Once you complete the form, we will expand the information.

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