About Us

We are a platform for Community Innovation that develops independent Jewish projects in Ibero-America, promoting
young leadership and the strengthening of Jewish life in the region.

We work as a Jewish network of change-makers from 25 to 45 years old that enhances regional professional
networking, connecting our members in order to empower them personally and professionally, associating them in
the construction and leadership of value proposals that contribute to the development of Jewish identity and
community life in Ibero-America.

Lazos Ecosystems

LAZOS ECOSYSTEMS are the set of innovative projects that LAZOS develops in a city / country.
These projects are led by local members and can be the product of:
LOCAL TEAMS and the escalation of International Projects



Yaakov Rodríguez
Costa Rica

“LAZOS represents a new generation of Judaism in Iberoamérica. Through jewish values it has linked what worries the whole human kind nowadays: equality, diversity, environment. LAZOS allows us to open the speech and rethink judaism into a vision of the world, a more universal vision and more human, celebrating at the same time our jewich identity with pride.”

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Joyce Pinkus
Santiago de Chile

“LAZOS was for me, reuniting with a Judaism that only pursues what unites us and finds us. without divisions, colours, and now more than ever without borders. It is a beautiful net of young people full of energy and eager to be and do.”

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Rina Rajlevsky

“I feel very proud of being part of LAZOS and being able to collaborate because it is a safe space, with a diverse and inclusive vision which has always set above all launching new proposals and initiatives aiming to generate a community that will be able to fit the needs of its members by generating valuable content and offering the opportunity to establish bonds beyond the working context. LAZOS offers me the opportunity to grow, create, build and contribute.”

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