Meeting: Young Rescuers Volunteers – AMIA 25 YEARS

Meeting: Young Rescuers Volunteers – AMIA 25 YEARS


On July 15, we organized a meeting of high emotional impact in Buenos Aires.

25 years after the attack on the AMIA headquarters in Buenos Aires, those young people between 15 and 25 years old who rescued, assisted and volunteered in the hours, days, nights and weeks after the attack, finally met. Many of them did not talk about it again. Neither to their partners nor their children. Not even among them.

25 years later, we talked about it in the presence of young people who are now that age.  A simultaneous exercise of collective memory and transmission that left us all very affected.  It was not only a powerful experience but also difficult and needed.

The meeting began with a mobilizing space in charge of La Caja Negra Argentina and concluded with a recognition of AMIA to that group of young volunteers and rescuers.
Thanks to AMIA Joven and La Caja Negra Argentina for being partners in this proposal, and to the volunteer team that was in charge of the experimental spaces!

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