Professional networking

We develop proposals for local and international networking, face and virtual meetings to stimulate the development
of our members.

Being the only Ibero-American network of professionals and change-makers from 25 to 45 years with members in 50
cities implies a real opportunity for our members and we work to maximize the benefits of being part of it.

In the business trips of our members, we generate meetings with local professionals.

Regional Professional Partners – We build virtual teams among professionals who hold similar roles in their communities, to share resources, strategies, approaches, motivate and create together.


We capitalize the expertise of the members of our Network; we create virtual mentoring spaces from member to members.


We develop innovation workshops in which we identify projects, knowledge, initiatives and emerging leaders and build initiatives that contribute to local Jewish life.


We generate networking meetings between members of the same city.

If you are interested in participating in any of these proposals, do not hesitate to write us here to achieve it.

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