Tikkun Olam is a Jewish concept that translates as “repair of the world.” From the point of view of social justice, Tikkun Olam can be understood as a commitment to creating a more just, equal, and sustainable society.
Tikkun Olam involves recognizing and addressing the social, economic, and political inequities that exist in our communities and working to overcome them.
Fight against discrimination, oppression, and exclusion to ensure that all people have access to the same opportunities and rights.
Tikkun Olam is a collective task.

What is UPgrade?
UPgrade is a training program for entrepreneurs of independent social and environmental projects.

What does UPgrade offer?

  • 9 webinars by international leaders in the sector
  • Trip to Israel + International meeting
What is RETO – Tikkun Olam Network?
RETO is an Ibero-American Jewish network of social and environmental leaders.

What does RETO offer?
  • Being part of a learning community
  • Professional networking space
  • Exclusive content training
    International professional consulting
  • Access to internationals resources 


Opportunities for activism and leadership


This proposal was created in the UK, one day to be part of an international movement that allows us to generate social impact, together with our friends, family or neighbors. We donate our time while we build community and a more just world together with other cultures, societies and faiths.


Imported from the USA, this model of collective philanthropy allows a group of people to be agents of impact, enjoy a unique social experience and contribute to the strengthening of projects that work for a more just world. This model educates about philanthropy and promotes proactive social actions.


Zikaron BaSalon was created in Israel as a unique opportunity to remember the Holocaust while interacting as a group in the warmth and privacy of home. The privilege of hearing the testimony of a survivor of the Shoah or his descendants. It is memory, identity and responsibility. It is reflecting on the past, present and future. More than 2M people participate in this proposal every year in the world.

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