Zikaron BaSalon Chile!

Zikaron BaSalon Chile!


Close to Yom Ha Shoa (Holocaust Day) on Sunday April 21, a Zikaron BaSalon – Spanish organized in Santiago, Chile a meaningful meeting. The host, Andres Aguilera Guzman, invited his friends to live the experience of keeping the memory of the Holocaust alive and learning about it.

Survivor Rudy Haymann shared his testimony with the group. He told how he escaped from Germany, when he joined the British army and then when he fought against the country where he was born.

The meeting was full of intense emotions and it will undoubtedly be kept in the memory and heart of each of the attendees.

Thanks to Frank Reyes and Yael Berdichevsky Oksenberg of the Zikaron BaSalon team in Chile.


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