In such a particular year, Shoa remembrance was a big question mark for everyone.
How and how many people would connect with the date and the theme, not having official acts, and institutions being closed?

From Zikaron Basalon in Spanish, we quickly adapted the traditional format to guarantee the virtual presence of the testimony, the exchange, and the vision of the future.

The results were contundent:
In 7 days we had 70 meetings in 11 countries with the participation of almost 900 people. We feel thankful and proud of the team of LatinAmerican leaders, of each one of the hosts that took on the individual responsibility of preserving memory while building spaces for commemoration, of shoah survivors and their families who made the enormous effort to learn and be able to give their testimony via a computer and with each of the participants of these «salonim».

We hope that these spaces can multiply, in person and virtually, throughout the year. We will be here to help you with that!

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