On Sunday, April 19, we shared 3 stories of business transformations from different parts of Latin America. Thank you Matias, Isaias and Julian for conversing with the members of this network in this new initiative of LAZOS Meetings. For those who missed it, we leave you with some quotes:
“In one month we counted 400.000 downloads to be a Rappitendero in Colombia” (Matias Laks, Country Manager Rappi Colombia).
«We changed in terms of communication and sales, and implemented free webinars focused on giving SUPPORT» (Isaias Sharon Jirikils, Smart Coach)
“We are offering the services of marketing, design and software to other companies, to keep the team of talented professionals that we have and cover their salaries» (Julian Gurfinkiel, Turismo City).
Soon we will share new experiences, cases and stories!

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