¡Laughs, rhythm, fun!

On Sunday 30th of August, the Barcelona plant lead a Die Frau Unter der Laterne in CASA ADRET, the band offered an electrifying performance in front of a devoted public. 

DIE FRAU UNTER DER LATERNE is a personal project of Esther S. (Berlin) with which she opened in the musical scene of the Barcelona old town in 2013. As a Berliner Kabarett style of the 20s and 30s, songs are reinterpreted and between wars sang in German and Yiddish. Its actual formation is: Esther S. (voice), Joan Mayol (clarinet and saxophone), Óscar Tinoco (double bass), Miguel Gistau (guitar) and Gaby Quesada (drums). It was an amazing show!

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