The tourism industry has been highly affected by the pandemic, and the future of travel, destinations, and passengers is being reconsidered.

Thank you André Bilder, Lorena Waserman and Dario Ratinoff, members of LAZOS, for sharing your ideas, worries, and challenges.

For those who missed it, here are some reflections:
«Quick and radical change to survive: We went from believing we were a hotel chain, which we are not anymore because we do not have guests, to seeing ourselves as a collection of real estate properties with open and closed spaces… » (André Bilder)
«I have to offer the tourist safety and guarantees, that is what he is asking for. The fear to remain stranded, to become sick and not be able to access care, among other worries…». (Lorena Waserman)
«We must create alliances among the entire tourism sector so that passengers can feel confident enough to buy or plan what today is not plannable». (Dario Ratinoff)

Thank you Javi Glasberg for joining us and accompanying us in such a dedicated manner in this initiative.
Soon we will share new experiences, cases and stories.


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