Show Business has been greatly affected by the pandemic, the future of festivals, concerts and theater plays is uncertain and is being reconsidered.  🎼🎤🤩
Thank you @magaaltman, @salo.soloveichik y @eserebrinsy for sharing your ideas, obstacles and challenges.
For those who missed it, here are some reflections:
“Streaming compensates with reach. A lot more people are watching now than when they had to show up.” (Salo Soloveichik)
“It is good to brainstorm with others going through the same thing. New opportunities may be found.” (Maga Altman)
“We must maintain our visibility, online, and be strong to go through the process “(Eva Serebrinsky) .


Thank you @ariadnafaerstein for joining us in such a committed fashion and for your dedication in this initiative. Soon, new experiences, cases and stories to share.

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